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The main task of Forex Birds Group is to operate in the Forex Market in behalf of his investors.

Our brokers are all professional scalper, that means that they open and close daily hundred transaction on the currency market, lowering the risk gaining goods profit.

Bank account, State vouchers, Bank product and others “traditional” investments do not give consistent profits like they did years ago, and, at the same time, they do not offer a real liability of your saving.

That is why invest on Forex through Forex Birds Group it is surely a good way to gain profits without having any kind of knowledge about markets and trading and especially without any constraint.

Forex Birds Group give two different investment plan to his clients:

We Offer Both Plans

Minimum Account Size Should be 2000 $

10% of the profits for investment of 2000 $ to 10,000 $

Minimum Account Size should be 10,000 $

15 % of the profits for investment of more than 10,000 $

Account should be with Prime Brokers
Account Should be with Prime Brokers