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About Us

About Forex Birds

Forex Birds is a society based on London mandatory on behalf of his investors in the Foreign Exchange Market (exchange of foreign currency), commonly known as Forex, FX or currency market which happens when a currency is exchanged with one another.

The Foreign Exchange Market is the biggest market in the world, in terms of transactions. Lot of statistics affirm that this market has an exchange activity of more than 2.000 billions of dollars everyday. There are no official data because there is no superior authorities which coordinate the flux of exchanges and so it can only be estimates.

Our Forex

Forex Birds Group is a trader in behalf of his clients and invest only in the currency market by the Edeal Markets Ltd platform gaining access, thanks to the big volumes exchanged daily, at the currency exchanges that occur between big bank institution buying currency on the market signing “Spot”contract, negotiations intraday lead to an opening time of 24 hour for 5 days at week which guaranteed a fast execution of the operations and represent a direct exchange between two currency.

The society decrease the risk factor by not operating using the financial friction on transactions and also by having a good social share, giving clients full guaranty of their investments.

The trading system base itself only on currency quote that are binary and so it is obvious that there will always be a quote which can measure the fluctuation of the second that determine the quote “sure for unsure”.